Video Game Mashups That Absolutely Must Be Made

Skyrim Minifigures


Portal. Mario. What do these two games have in common, besides the sadistic pleasure players get from watching the characters repeatedly plunge to their doom? Portal is not a side-scrolling platformer, and the Mario games are not FPS/Puzzle hybrids. Still, that didn’t stop Maurice Guégan, of, from smashing them into little pieces and reforging them as Mari0. The end result? The ability to use a Portal gun in the Mario universe.

Don’t worry, we’ll wait here for you to get back from “checking it out” for the next couple of weeks.



The clever and witty game-filled brains at Prancing Laggard know that this is only the tip of the game-mashing goodness iceberg, and that there are plenty of other great combinations just begging to explode from designer’s fertile imaginations. Games such as…


1. World of Pokémon


World of Pokemon

It's like WoW but populated only by people who like to have cute pets. Wait a sec...

Picture from

This is not an entirely original idea, as fans of Pokémon have  been clamoring for an MMO version for some time now.

In this game, players start as beginning trainers. Over time, by fighting NPCs and players in a PVP arena, they earn badges that give them the ability to level their Pokemon. Since the badges don’t transfer, and the only way to gain them is through, you know, playing the game, the annoying practice of people purchasing overpowered creatures for their low-leveled characters is removed. Players would quest to their heart’s content in the well-established and well-loved worlds of Johto, Kanto, and Hoenn (depending on which beginner pack they purchased), but this time in glorious 3D.


2. Super Smash Duty


Mario Doom

Image credit: Mario Doom

When Super Smash Bros came out, it was every gamer’s wet dream. Already a mashup in its own right, it gave you the ability to challenge and subsequently crush your friends in duels using Pokémon, Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Link, and more. And the critics didn’t think it was half-bad either (which must have been a blow to the proto-hipsters of that era).

On the other hand, Call of Duty, one of the most popular franchises in the world, has a tried-and-true method for making fun, fast-paced FPS games. While you can complain about a lack of innovation until a well-placed headshot finally shuts you up, it’s hard not to see that what they do, they do well.

The Super Smash Duty cross-over is an all-out brawl, with a delightfully engaging first-person POV, giving you front-row seats to Pikachu’s lightning bolts, Link’s sword, and Donkey Kong’s inescapable power-fists. Whether you choose to play alone, on a split-screen, or through online multiplayer, you’ll find your thirst for cartoony carnage well-sated.


3. Grand Theft Sims


Grand Theft Sims

Not knowing what your characters are actually saying adds a special level of difficulty.


Both the Sims series and GTA have managed to merge fun and functionality in an open-world format, providing for endless entertainment regardless of whether you want to try and play through GTA as a good guy, or you prefer to torture innocents for your own perverse pleasure. So we’d love to see the levels of self-indulgence we could achieve with the unlikely mating of the pair, bringing together GTA’s engine and fantastic portrayal of a life-like city and a Sims-level obsession with customization and almost painful attention to everyday minutia.

For one thing, throwing the infinitely fine-tunable Sims character creation itno GTA would create a whole host of new opportunities. Sure, maybe it isn’t “realistic,” but who wouldn’t want a session as a butt-kicking granny or a sloppy, middle-aged middle-manager who has obviously never held a gun in his life?

Sure, perhaps you arrive in Liberty City as a taxi-driver, but in time you can work your way up to corporate! And with the money you make (including the “bonuses” from your after-hours activities), you can buy apartments, houses, furniture, cars, and clothes. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of worrying whether an ill-timed empty bladder bar will throw off your big heist!


4. Half-Life Kart


Half Life Kart

Who needs blue shells when you can mess with the very fabric of the game?


We all know and love Mario Kart, the silly, cartoonish racing game where you can use power-ups and bonuses to enhance your performance and hinder your enemies. And the ground-breaking FPS game from 2004 that is Half-Life 2 has no shortage of rabid fans. So, regardless of actual implementation, we can pretty much guarantee that this mashup will sell like impractical hairstyles in Fable.

Half-Life 2 introduced creative, thought-provoking weapons, such as the Physics Gun and the Gravity Gun. Unlike bullet-spraying metal tubes, Half-Life 2′s creative, thought-provoking weapons (such as the Physics Gun and the Gravity Gun) require actual mental prowess in order to be used to their fullest potential. Similarly, it takes a surprising amount of skill and practice to excel at the deceptively simple Kart games. So it’s gloriously brain-melting to imagine testing your aim by picking up and launching spikes from beyond the track at your opponents, or using the Physics Gun to redirect projectiles back at your enemies. And even if it bombed, this game could at least help tide over the wait to Half-Life 3, which will not be announced at E3 this year.


5. LEGO Elder Scroll


Skyrim Lego Dragon Battle

Nothing to see here except one of the best things to ever happen to LEGOS.


If you’ve never played a LEGO video game before because you thought they were “too childish,” then you are useless as a human being.

Okay, so there’s no reason to judge a person’s character based on their game preferences. But seriously, if you have nothing better to do than hate on LEGO, you can just go curl up in a corner and rot.

Kidding! Kind of. Sure, LEGO games maybe aren’t the first titles you’ll turn to for a hardcore gaming session, but you have to admit that the options to destroy most of the scenery in a shower of tinkling coins, the tricky two-person puzzles, and the kooky cutscenes are eminently entertaining. Now, add to that the thrill of riding a blocky steed over studded hills, exploring brick caves filled with Draugr mini-figs, and fending off epic dragon constructions like the one featured above while you collect studs for later Alchemy usage. With magic mechanics based on the Force in LEGO Star Wars and the provinces of Tamriel reimagined from the ground up as your personal playground, the new options for epicness will allow you to showcase this game with pride, instead of hiding it in your Halo case.

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Want to create your own mashup?


Make sure you’re aware of The DOs and DON’Ts of ROM Hacking (Slightly NSFW) first.


Special thanks to Stormbringer and Justin at Saber Scorpion’s Lair for giving permission to use their awesome LEGO Skyrim images.


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